About Cloud Computing


Cloud computing is a feature that allows online companies to use the resources available on the internet rather than build and maintain their own. These cloud computing services are offered over the web by most of the hosting services. Cloud computing simply means the art of storing your information and application and being able to access them when you need them over the web. Cloud computing is much better than having to store your information on hard drives and flash drives. The information is more safe and easy to access for the people in the business.

 Cloud computing at https://www.happycloudsolutions.com.au/cloud/amazon-web-services-aws/ is much better than local storage. This is because for local storage you will need physical access to the information through the hard drive. Your hard disk can get lost and make it very impossible to recover the information which you have lost. Cloud computing is, however, being used in our daily lives even when you do not realize it. When we send emails, edits files, stream videos, play games online and store data and images, we do this using the cloud. The cloud simply refers to the internet. Cloud computing is what makes all the above functions of the web possible.

There are three types of cloud solutions which businesses can choose from. They include the private cloud, the hybrid cloud, and the public cloud. The private cloud is for the companies that are mainly concerned with the privacy. The private clouds are managed by the in house IT personnel only. The information in these clouds is very delicate and could cause a lot of harm if found in the hands of other people. The hybrid cloud is the type of service that is preferred by businesses that offer security to businesses with the private cloud. The information in this hybrid cloud is prone to changeability. The information is also susceptible in every aspect. The hybrid cloud solution works very well with businesses they have significant data processing and workloads that involve the API compatibility and require a reliable connection to a particular network. Be sure to check out this website at http://scratchpad.wikia.com/wiki/Hosting and know more about web hosting.

The cloud is managed both in the house and by external sources. The public cloud, on the other hand, is for the businesses that have data that is not sensitive as much. The data in this cloud does not have much privacy concerns. Companies that use this solution pay as the go. The cloud solution is managed mostly by the third party providers, view website here!